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Forms- New Inputs for the HTML Forms
Drag and Drop- Change HTML Elements Position in the Page
Drag and Drop- Drag HTML Codes and Execute by Dropping
Drag and Drop- Drag a Single or Multiple Files and Preview them by Dropping
GeoLocation Static- See your Current Position on Map (Sattelite, Roadmap and Hybrid)
GeoLocation Dynamic- Dynamically View, Zoom in and Zoom out Your Position
MathML- Basic math with Operators, Identifiers and Numbers
MathML- Subscript, Superscript and Multiscript
MathML- Underscript, Overscript and UnderOverscript
MathML- Radical and Root
MathML- Fractions
MathML- Summation and Production
MathML- Derivatives
MathML- Integrals
MathML- Matrix and Table
MathML- Graphical Styles (Color, Font and Spacing)
MathML- Graphical Styles (Line Breaks and Indentation)
MathML- Phantom and Invisible Expressions and Boxes
MathML- Texts and Inline Math Expressions
Audio- Play Music Simply by Few Lines of Code
Audio- Music Playlist for Your Website
Audio- Seekbar for the Music Player
Audio- A Custom Player with Designed Control Box
Video- Easily Play a Video in Your Web Page
Video- Design a Video Player for Your Site
Canvas- Lines with Different Ending and Joining Styles
Canvas- Draw Polygons with Shadow Effect
Canvas- Simple Colorful Line with Transparency
Canvas- Make Beautiful Shapes by Rotation and Transformation
Canvas- Curved Lines and Shapes (Circle, Arc, Bezier, Ellipse and etc.)
Canvas- Draw Rectangles, Fill and Clear them
Canvas- Linear and Radial Gradients with Transparency
Canvas- Image Patterns as Filling and Drawing Styles
Canvas- Use a Canvas as Pattern of Drawing and Filling
Canvas- Coordinate System Transformation, Scaling and Shearing the Context
Canvas- Use Writing Features to Draw Texts
Canvas- Clipping, Effective Way for Drawing and Filling
Canvas- Copy and Draw Image
Canvas- Compositing and Mixing Images
Canvas- Select an Object by Mouse Click (Hit Detection)
Canvas- Web Paint, Draw Shapes with Mouse Cursor
Canvas- Draw Text with Linear and Radial Gradients
Canvas- Working with Keyboard and Detect Pressed Key
Canvas- Beautiful Image Gallery
Canvas- Play Video in Graphical Shapes
Canvas- Make Graphical Buttons by a Function
Canvas- Plot Data in Smart X-Y Chart
Canvas- Moving Ball and Wall Hit Reflection
Canvas- Bow and Arrow Shooting with Sound
Canvas- Protect Javascript Source Code by using PHP and Ajax
Canvas- Move Objects by Keyboard (Walk and Jump)
WebGL- Simple Cubes with Texture
WebGL- 3D Code Platform with Three.js and Sim.js
WebGL- 3D Sphere and Partial Spherical Objects
WebGL- Basic 3D Geometries (Cube, Icosahedron, Octahedron, Tetrahedron, Torus and Torus-Knot)
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