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Html Codes: Canvas- Protect Javascript Source Code by using PHP and Ajax

This is an important question: "If I create a wonderful graphics by HTML5 Canvas and Javascript, how can I protect my source code?". I have searched about it but no satisfying answer was found. So I've decided to create a way for protecting sources of HTML5 Canvas and in general Javascript codes. In fact, the algorithm can be protected not the whole source. The procedure is that I have designed a PHP script which performs calculations and loops, and the results are called by Ajax. The following example is just our previous plotter, but, the graph points and lines are calculated and generated by PHP, called by Ajax, and then it is drawn by Javascript in the Canvas element. So each user can just achieve its own graph code, not the whole grapher script. The PHP source is also given below.
It's great, isn't it? Use for free but do not forget a link to us!

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BethMooney Posted on 22 June, 2016 - 09:52 PM 1
You CANNOT keep individuals from survey your source code. Utilizing javascript you can impair the right snap, which is undesirable since it ticks individuals off and is effortlessly dodged by those intrigued enough to need your UK Essays - Essay Help Deal code in any case. What you have to do is make sense of why you need to keep your html from being seen. On the off chance that you come down the reasons driving you to this inquiry, there may be approaches to perform what you need.

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